Java Client-Server Software

AceQL & Awake File Frameworks

We are a french privately held company located in Paris. We specialize in Swing, Java EE, mobile to cloud developements and also in cryptography.

We develop and support Open Source and commercial client-server frameworks.


AceQL allows remote JDBC access through HTTP. Android, Swing & JavaFX developers can include regular JDBC calls in their code to access remote SQL databases in the cloud.

AceQL comes with complete features: most data types are implemented, including blobs/clobs, and transactions are supported.

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Uploading file through HTTP is so easy

Awake FILE is a secure Open Source framework which enables Android and Java Desktop developers to very easily implement file uploads and downloads through HTTP.

This greatly eases the development of Android, Swing, JavaFX and SWT applications that need to upload or download files to/from a Servlet Container.

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Share your Office documents securely

KawanDoc allows you to easily send your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents by e-mail in PDF format by encrypting them with strong cryptography. Your recipients do not need any software or website registration to open and decipher them. Kawandoc has been designed from the ground to be very easy to install and to use, and to give maximum comfort to its users. It requires no training or dedicated encryption skills.

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